Friday, 6 September 2013

Tutorial... Splodgy, Dotty Background

Hi Everyone, it's Faye here, happy Friday...

I thought I'd share how I create the Splodgy, Dotty Backgrounds I do from time to time, the technique is perfect for the firmer nib you get on a Graph'It Marker. And you may it helpful for our next Challenge, that's all I'm sayin'! ;)

First up, you need to lay down a rough base layer of colour, it really doesn't matter how uneven or rough it is, as we are going over it a few times. I've used 9100 (and 9404, 9406 for the ground):

When your base coat has dried, we are going to start adding dots. Lots and lots of dots. If it sounds like there is a woodpecker in the room with you, you're on the right track:

When that layer has dried, (you can do it when it's wet, your dots will look softer, and you need to work faster, so it depends on the effect you want, really) you do it all over again, to give some depth of colour, closer to the image (I was fast with the camera for this photo, the ink is still very wet!):

And then we go again, but this time with 9102 in the areas that may be a little darker:

One more time, Peeps, but this time, we want to use 0000, to add lighter dots and create texture:

Job done:

Don't forget to pop back later to get all the details of our new Challenge and find out if you're a winner!


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