Friday 26 September 2014

wk 39 - Pink and Light - Graph'It Colouring challenge

Welcome back to another week of Colouring Inspiration with the Graph'It team!

This is our week of extra inspiration for our current challenge which you can 

enter HERE

Our challenge for you,  dear readers is


But we asked the Design Team to inspire you with lots of techniques for 
Light Direction - it's a thing lots of people seem to struggle with so hopefully we might help you with it this week....
Yes we're making it hard for the team but easy for you haha!
The winner of the challenge is chosen at random from and will win some gorgeous Graph'It goodies to play with.  You don't have to use Graph'It markers to enter - we  accept any form of colouring, it's up to you.  You have until 3rd October to enter.
You can see the winners of our last challenge at the bottom of this post....

Cara....For this challenge I decided to have my light source coming from the top right .... I generally have my light source coming from this direction.  A tip I once learned is to stand an object (maybe a glue pot or something) next to your image and pretend it is your light source ..... it works for me anyways lol!  I've used the super cute Dollie Daydream Birthday Digi Stamp from Polkadoodles.

Graphit's used:

Skin: 3120, 4155, 4150, 4115, 4135 (cheeks)
Hair: 3290, 3255, 3250, 3245, 3210
Jeans: Cool Greys 9100-9108
Top: 2140, 2120, 2110, 2105
Green: 7290, 7270, 7250
Shadows: cool grey 9100, 9102,9103

Lizzy... So I got a little over zealous with my project for the light source theme this week.  I found this image from The Paper Shelter and thought it would be great for having two sources of light.  Well it is great but it was a little more difficult than I had anticipated. haha  So I have the glowing bottle of dragons blood from the left and then her book of spells a little lower on the right. 

 This was my first attempt with a "glowing" object and I think I will try it again.  It was fun to play with.  I used my lightest yellow shade a bit on her hair, shoulder, and hands trying to make the glow on her as well.  I wanted her book to look aged as well as glowing so I over saturated the paper to get the effect.

Here is my list of Graph'it Marker color combinations used:
Skin: 4120, 4125, 4155, 4180, 4135, 4175, 5140
Hair: 1210, 2105, 3110, 3170, 3180
Purple: 6110, 6120, 6140, 6175
Green: 8110, 8240, 8260, 8270
Orange: 2105, 2110, 2150, 2180
Cauldron: 9405, 9404, 9403, 9402, 9401
Black: 9909, 9509, 9506, 9505, 9504
Book: 1110, 1140, 1150, 1270, 1250

I think my image has an obvious light source, the lamp which casts it's light down the centre of the characters. This is an image from Polkadoodles called Hollybobs Choir.

The main Graph'it marker colours I have used are:
Lamp - 4110, 1180, 1250, 2105, 1110, 9100, 9102
Her - 5240, 5215, 4135, 9534, 3230, 1150
Him- 7180, 7125, 7105, 9100, 9101
Skin - 4170, 4155, 4115, 4125, 7125, 4135

Wendy - I chose this digi image called Emily Party from Polkadoodles as it's perfect for the light source challenge.  I enjoyed colouring her and hope I've managed to interpret the light coming from the candle correctly.

I've used so many different colours for this that I got totally confused when I was listing them as I had put some away before writing them down.  So sorry I will do better next time.

I have gone for the light source coming from the left side of the image, if you are not sure how to work out your light source, stand a book at the side of your image to create some shade and then colour your image.

Hair. 1210.1250.1270.4110.
Dress & boots. 7260.7270.7290.
Bags. 8110.8130.2105.1115.5115.5110.7125.7130.

Fabulous colouring and some fantastic light source inspiration for you all!

So onto our Random Winner from our last challenge, Amazing Hair. Our winner chosen by Random. org is
please email us here quoting code GIw3900371 to win together with your snail mail address so we can send your prize!

And the Top 3 chosen by the team are:

Thanks so much for everyone's entries, we look forward to seeing you next time!

Friday 19 September 2014

wk 38 Pink/Light Direction - Graph'It Colouring challenge

Welcome back to another fabulous Graph'It colouring challenge!

Our challenge for you,  dearest readers is


But this week we asked the Design Team to inspire you with lots of techniques for 
Light Direction - it's a thing lots of people seem to struggle with so hopefully we might help you with it this week....
Yes we're making it hard for the team but easy for you haha!
The winner of the challenge is chosen at random from and will win some gorgeous Graph'It goodies to play with.  You don't have to use Graph'It markers to enter - we  accept any form of colouring, it's up to you. 

The winner of our last challenge will be announced next week.

Let's see what the team have made for us...

Nikky...I love thinking about where the light direction is coming from when I colour and I always try to do it from different angles if I can rather than just straight ahead because it can really change the way your image looks considerably. Just have a play around, you'll be surprised at the results. Another great trick is if you make a little booboo by using the wrong colour on your image or you just don't like what you did - pick up your greys or some yellow tones and add shadows or light over the top and it will transform your image - it then becomes about the light and shade rather than the actual colours you've used so it's a great way to save an images otherwise destined for the trash!
I haven't made a card for you but I wanted to show you this great little technique for helping where you need to add light and shade:
Take your image and either stamp or print it twice. Then mark up one with a pencil as shown - this is a failsafe way of mapping out your light areas before you start and you can keep this in a journal for future reference.
 I coloured onto watercolour card with this image - it certainly makes you think about your shading and it takes longer to see the final results so you kinda have to wait a little or you'll overdo things!
I used: 
Face: 4125, 4150, 3210. 4145, 4135  
This photo makes the skin look much yellower than it is in real life (I think at some point I might have coloured the whole face with 4115 instead of 4125 without realising I'd picked up the wrong marker!) but I don't mind as it just adds to the overall tone of the light source - also the watercolour paper has a cream tone to it and that did affect the underlying skintone when I laid the first colour down, it was quite noticable as I personally don't like the warmer tones)...
Hair: 3210, 3245, 3250, 3280, 3290
Clothing:  4150, 3210, 9400, 9401
Background/shadows: 3210, 9400, 9401

Penni:-  I chose to have my light source directed straight from the front.  Here's my card ....

Graph'It Markers used:

Jeans - 7105, 7110, 7115, 7119 
After colouring the jeans, I used some scrap denim sprayed with some Mix'It Fluid and dabbed firmly to give a textured appearance.  
I then coloured the rest of the image.
Skin - 4120, 4125, 4155, 4170, 4135 (cheeks & lips)
Hair - 2105, 2110, 2130
Blouse - 8110, 8120, 9201
Scarf - 5115, 5120

Yvonne - Hi everyone, well this challenge was really hard for me, a specific light source, made me want to hide. I interpreted the challenge theme as the item giving light and how it fell on the image. Eventually  I found an image with a light bulb - I know, it's not the best idea but I ploughed ahead anyway! I hope you can see where the light falls.

Markers used are as follows:
Skin:  4120, 4155, 4150, 3210, 4145, 4135, 4175
Hair:  1250, 3110, 3140, 3160
Nightdress:  9103, 9104, 9105, 9106
Bedspread:  5110, 5120, 5210, 5220, 5245
Cushion:  9500, 9502, 9503, 5210, 5220, 5245
Lightbulb:  1110, 1180 & blender

Claire C Well  Nikky has really challenged us this time hasn't she? I've used several candles as the light source on my card...

Colours used:
Skin: 4180, 4155, 4115, 4125, 3120
Hair: 9909, 9507,9503,9500,1140,1110
Clothes and Tail: 7270,7240,7220,7210
Candles: 2110, 1180, 1140,1110
plus 8210, 5120 and blender

Anjie - I have coloured this as though the light source is from the top right.

The colours I have used are:
Skin: 4125, 4150, 4135, 4145, 3120, 3210
Hair: 7140, 7145, 7150
Trousers: 3110, 3120, 3125
Top, shoes and can: 5110, 5115, 5120

Claire Boelema - Wow this was a tricky one! I used the lantern on this sweet couple from the Hollybobs CD as my light source....

Colours used:
Skin - 4115, 4120,4125, 4135
Hair -  1110, 3210, 3125, 3245
Clothes - 5220, 5345, 8150, 8250, 3245, 3230, 1270
Lantern - 9501, 9504, 9506, 9909, 1110, Blender 0000

Wow - such great makes as always from the team!

We're looking forward to seeing your entries! Thanks for joining us again - see you next week!

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Friday 12 September 2014

wk 37 ....Amazing Hair inspiration - Graph'It marker colouring challenge

Welcome back to another fabulous Graph'It colouring challenge!

Today we have lots more inspiration for our 
Amazing Hair challenge 
which started last week - you can 

There are so many great combinations with Graph'It markers that we never get stuck with ways to inspire you for hair, so let's see what the team have for us - if you're looking for the winners from last time they're at the bottom of the post!

Penni - For my Amazing Hair Inspiration I decided to colour Afro-Carribean Hair, 
Here's the card I made:....
Graph'It Markers used 
Hair - 3190, 3180, 3160
Skin - 3110, 3125, 3160 
Dress - 5125, 5160, 5180

Yvonne - I'm here with some inspiration for the Amazing Hair challenge.  I opted to use a Saturated Canary Image - 'Circus Trixie' coloured with my Graph'It Markers. I print all my images onto Ultimate Graphic cardstock which you can get here

Graph'It Markers
Skin: 4120, 4125, 4150, 4155, 3120, 4145/4135
Hair:  6130, 6140, 6170, 6180
Dress:  6130, 3140, 5120, 5210, 5220
Gloves & Shoes: 5120, 5210

Claire C I think we all love colouring hair although it can be a bit tricky sometimes. I've printed my image out on Ultimate Graphic card and kept the card design pretty simple for a change

Colours used: Hair 1210,1230, 3230, 3245,3250
Skin: 4180,4155,4115,4125
Greens: 8190, 8180, 8150, 8120
Blues: 7125, 9102,9100
Background: 7125, 9100,9500 and distress inks

Wow! Totally gorgeous!!

You can 

and remember - you don't have to use Graph'Its to enter!

The Random winner of our last challenge Florals/Transparency is 

No 18 Julie Reed

Well done Julie! Please email us here with code GIwk3700135 to claim your Graph'It marker prize, together with your snail mail so we can send your goodies!

There were SOOO many lovely entries for this challenge, I wanted to choose them all, but the Design Team finally chose their Top 3 favourites which are:
No 13 Dragonllew
No 8 Jane
and No 4 Caroline

absolutely stunning colouring and projects - thanks so much to you all for entering, we really appreciate your support every week! Make sure you grab your badges from the sidebar!

OK, we will see you next week for a brand new challenge which starts, but also make sure you pop over to our sister blog 

We Do Doobadoo 

tomorrow for another challenge!
See you next week!

Friday 5 September 2014

wk 36....Amazing Hair - Graph'It Colouring challenge

Hello everyone! Friday again, the weeks certainly are flying by!

Time for a brand new challenge to start today and we thought we'd go back to one of our favourites and something we ALL struggle with I think

Amazing Hair

Yep, it sure can be hard to get the hairtones right sometimes, although if you follow the Graph'it colour chart it's pretty easy! But we all struggle to come up with different combinations week in week out so we thought we'd try and give you some ideas this week.

You have until Fri 19th Sept at noon GMT to enter the challenge and you can use any colouring medium to enter - just please follow our rules over in the sidebar. Our random winner will receive a set of markers to try and the Design Team will choose our fave Top 3 for design and technique!

We have a new team member to introduce to you today - the lovely Lizzy Smith has joined us with her Graph'It markers and she is LOVING them! She says she's going to ditch her other brand - wow, that's some testament huh! We all adore Lizzy's colouring - she is truly talented at the colouring malarky!

If you haven't yet tried Graph'it and are wondering what the points of difference are, basically:
168 colours and growing
New Trend colours each year mean you can stay on top of art and fashion trends
Vibrant, rich colours
Easy blending
Great colour chart - we've started the range with all the steadfast basics you need and are adding to those to help you build your collections
Colours which are not available in any other marker - unique! 
Fantastic blender which actually does BLEND, not just blur! (Our blender is highly recommended by the UK Pencil Society for using as a pencil blender with brands like Prisma pencils to replace Sansador)
Easy to follow colour blending system - follow the number groups and it's easy! 
A broad chisel tip and a bullet nib as standard
Interchangeable and replacable nibs - including an awesome brush nib which can replace your chisel if you wish
20% more ink than most other brands
Amazing value for money - you're getting a PREMIUM quality marker for around half the price of it's biggest competitor and 20% more ink! (for this reason they're not refillable because economically they would then have to cost a lot more money)
ergonomic designed barrel meaning your hands don't tire so much - this feature has already been copied by other marker brands but the composition of materials used for the barrel really do make a difference - these don't slide around when your fingers get hot and sweaty
Superb blending means you can use and blend with your other brands until you build up your collection - meaning you don't have to make a huge one off investment all at once (although you'll want to anyway LOL!)

I'm sure there are lots of great benefits to Graph'Its that I've missed out but if you haven't tried them yet give them a go - but remember you NEED that colour chart so you can blend using the colour system!

Right, let's get to the inspiration from the team for the challenge - we will announce the last challenge winners next week...

I love colouring hair, the wilder the colour the better so this has to be one of my favourite challenge themes!
I chose to use this amazing image Kawaii from the Dollie goes East collection CD rom , she is also available as a digital image for instant download here.

Graph'its used:
Skin: 3120, 4155, 4150, 4115, 4135
Pink: 5230, 5255, 5270, 5280
Blue: 7165, 7160, 7150, 7140
Green: 8270, 8260, 8250, 8240
Orange: 2180, 2170, 2160, 2150

Kevin.....I thought it would be fun to do something a little different with hair colour for this challenge....
Eyes & Lips 7240.7260..5210.5215.

Anjie  - This image is perfect for this challenge as it does have amazing hair! It is from Polkadoodles and she is called Luna, you can find her here.
The colours I have used are:
Hair: 6110, 6120, 6130, 6180
Dress and shoes: 9502, 95.3, 9504, 9505

Lizzy- I love to color hair.  It has to be one of my favorites so I love this challenge.  I thought this image would be a blast to use some fun colors on. Guess what, I was right.  It was a blast!...

Graph'It Markers used:
Hair: teal, 7220, 7250, 7260, 7270, 7290 blonde, 1210, 1230, 1270, 3125, 3250
Skin: 4120, 4125, 4150, 4155, 4180/ 4135, 4175
Pink: 5110, 5130, 5140
Lips: 4135, 4175, 5130

Janet - For my card I have used Piper with Bunchs a Polkadoodles image, I think she is so cute and being as it's now autumn I have used my favourite warm colours.

I have used Graph'it colours
Hair - 1210, 2110, 2150, 2180, 3170
Skin - 4115, 4155, 4180
Clothes - 5110, 5120, 5140
9101, 9100
1110, 1130, 1170

Wendy - Hello Crafty peeps.  I've used the lovely Amelia Roses image and coloured with Graph'It markers....

I've used the following Graph'It colours:-

Hair:  9500  9501  9502  9503  9505  9509  9909
Skin:  4115  4125  4135  4155
Clothes:  1130  1150  1180  1280  2120  8220  8240  8280  8290 7180
Flowers:  5215  5240
Blender 0000
Background:  4150  9101

Nikky...I'm being really naughty this week because I haven't had chance to actually make a card with this but it fits the theme so well I thought I'd share. Over at Kit and Clowder this week there's a competition going on for colouring funky hair colours and this is mine (you can also get this digi free if you go to Kit and Clowder's facebook page). The image is my new Luna digi...

The photo has made the skin look really dirty on this, it doesnt look like this really, don't quite know what's happened with my camera LOL
The focus here was very much on the hair and I used:
7210, 7220, 7240, 7290
Cyan 7150
6130, 6140, 6170, 6190
5130, 5160

So there's your challenge this week - loads of ideas for great hair combinations so just go for it - there are no rules! We'll see you back here next week for last time's winners and more inspiration - we're looking forward to seeing your amazing makes! 
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