Friday, 18 October 2013

Snowy acetate background using Graph'It markers!

Good morning, Claire here with a tutorial showing you a quick and easy technique to make a fun background for snowy cards using acetate, Graph'It markers and Mix'It spray. 

Firstly you'll need your image coloured with your markers, the same image 'flipped' to create a mirror image printed on copier paper,  a blue pen, some acetate, Mix'It spray

As you can see from the pic below, I've coloured an range of blue Graph'It markers on acetate so I can see which colour I want with the image. Take your acetate sheet and place it over the mirror image

Begin colouring using the chisel tip of the marker I've used 7180, don't worry too much what it looks like at this stage

Once you've coloured your sky spray lightly with Mix'It Spray and watch the snow appear!

If you want to create a real blizzard, unscrew the top of the Mix'It and flick some larger drops of solution over the acetate. If you're not happy with the result, just spray with a bit more Mix' It and wipe the ink off with some tissue. You can also tidy up any areas with a cotton bud dipped in your Mix'It spray

Layer your acetate over the image (you can use brads/eyelets or red line tape) and trim to size and your topper is ready to use

I've added some snowy glitter to the bottom of my image and its ready to use on a card

Thanks for taking the time to read my tutorial, hope you've enjoyed it


  1. Love that effect, I can see possibilities for other scenes as well :D TFS


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