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wk 38 Pink/Light Direction - Graph'It Colouring challenge

Welcome back to another fabulous Graph'It colouring challenge!

Our challenge for you,  dearest readers is


But this week we asked the Design Team to inspire you with lots of techniques for 
Light Direction - it's a thing lots of people seem to struggle with so hopefully we might help you with it this week....
Yes we're making it hard for the team but easy for you haha!
The winner of the challenge is chosen at random from and will win some gorgeous Graph'It goodies to play with.  You don't have to use Graph'It markers to enter - we  accept any form of colouring, it's up to you. 

The winner of our last challenge will be announced next week.

Let's see what the team have made for us...

Nikky...I love thinking about where the light direction is coming from when I colour and I always try to do it from different angles if I can rather than just straight ahead because it can really change the way your image looks considerably. Just have a play around, you'll be surprised at the results. Another great trick is if you make a little booboo by using the wrong colour on your image or you just don't like what you did - pick up your greys or some yellow tones and add shadows or light over the top and it will transform your image - it then becomes about the light and shade rather than the actual colours you've used so it's a great way to save an images otherwise destined for the trash!
I haven't made a card for you but I wanted to show you this great little technique for helping where you need to add light and shade:
Take your image and either stamp or print it twice. Then mark up one with a pencil as shown - this is a failsafe way of mapping out your light areas before you start and you can keep this in a journal for future reference.
 I coloured onto watercolour card with this image - it certainly makes you think about your shading and it takes longer to see the final results so you kinda have to wait a little or you'll overdo things!
I used: 
Face: 4125, 4150, 3210. 4145, 4135  
This photo makes the skin look much yellower than it is in real life (I think at some point I might have coloured the whole face with 4115 instead of 4125 without realising I'd picked up the wrong marker!) but I don't mind as it just adds to the overall tone of the light source - also the watercolour paper has a cream tone to it and that did affect the underlying skintone when I laid the first colour down, it was quite noticable as I personally don't like the warmer tones)...
Hair: 3210, 3245, 3250, 3280, 3290
Clothing:  4150, 3210, 9400, 9401
Background/shadows: 3210, 9400, 9401

Penni:-  I chose to have my light source directed straight from the front.  Here's my card ....

Graph'It Markers used:

Jeans - 7105, 7110, 7115, 7119 
After colouring the jeans, I used some scrap denim sprayed with some Mix'It Fluid and dabbed firmly to give a textured appearance.  
I then coloured the rest of the image.
Skin - 4120, 4125, 4155, 4170, 4135 (cheeks & lips)
Hair - 2105, 2110, 2130
Blouse - 8110, 8120, 9201
Scarf - 5115, 5120

Yvonne - Hi everyone, well this challenge was really hard for me, a specific light source, made me want to hide. I interpreted the challenge theme as the item giving light and how it fell on the image. Eventually  I found an image with a light bulb - I know, it's not the best idea but I ploughed ahead anyway! I hope you can see where the light falls.

Markers used are as follows:
Skin:  4120, 4155, 4150, 3210, 4145, 4135, 4175
Hair:  1250, 3110, 3140, 3160
Nightdress:  9103, 9104, 9105, 9106
Bedspread:  5110, 5120, 5210, 5220, 5245
Cushion:  9500, 9502, 9503, 5210, 5220, 5245
Lightbulb:  1110, 1180 & blender

Claire C Well  Nikky has really challenged us this time hasn't she? I've used several candles as the light source on my card...

Colours used:
Skin: 4180, 4155, 4115, 4125, 3120
Hair: 9909, 9507,9503,9500,1140,1110
Clothes and Tail: 7270,7240,7220,7210
Candles: 2110, 1180, 1140,1110
plus 8210, 5120 and blender

Anjie - I have coloured this as though the light source is from the top right.

The colours I have used are:
Skin: 4125, 4150, 4135, 4145, 3120, 3210
Hair: 7140, 7145, 7150
Trousers: 3110, 3120, 3125
Top, shoes and can: 5110, 5115, 5120

Claire Boelema - Wow this was a tricky one! I used the lantern on this sweet couple from the Hollybobs CD as my light source....

Colours used:
Skin - 4115, 4120,4125, 4135
Hair -  1110, 3210, 3125, 3245
Clothes - 5220, 5345, 8150, 8250, 3245, 3230, 1270
Lantern - 9501, 9504, 9506, 9909, 1110, Blender 0000

Wow - such great makes as always from the team!

We're looking forward to seeing your entries! Thanks for joining us again - see you next week!

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