Friday, 25 July 2014

wk 30....Hot Colours - Graph'It Colouring Challenge

Hi All you Colourists out there! 
We hope it's warm enough for you - remember to not keep your alcohol markers in a hot place, it won't do them any good! 

Today we are pleased to bring you a brand new challenge theme...
Hot Colours 
Now this challenge is all about Hot Colours so show us what youve got! This can basically include summer colours, any colour combo's which you think look really great together, the choice is yours.

But, I decided the team needed an extra challenge so this week I challenged everyone on the team to try an airbrushing technique...
We don't currently have an airbrush system within Graph'It (but we live in hope) but there are other things  you can do to get an airbrushed effect. Most systems are specific to a particular brand but you can achieve this look by simply using things you have around the house...the cheapest way and simplest way is to get an old biro or pen and empty it then hold it to the end of your marker and blow through the pen - you'll be amazed at the results! It takes a little practice to get the right angles and right amount of huff and puff but have a go - it's great fun and not as hard as you think!!

Before we get to the inspiration, let me remind you of the rules - you have until Friday 8th August to enter (noon GMT) and the RANDOM winner chosen will win some lovely Graph'It markers and goodies.  Simply follow the rules in the sidebar and remember you don't have to use Graph'It to enter.

So let's see how the team got on! 

Claire C I've used an old biro as an airbrush to create some depth to the stencilled flowers on my background, its a really fun technique! 

Our Guest Designer for July Mandy Sullivan has also joined in with us this week....thanks so much Mandy! 
Mandy...this challenge really pushed my boundaries and it was a little scary, but well worth it! I stamped an image and then stamped it again (or use a digi) and used the 2nd one to make a mask. Like everyone else I just used a biro in the same way and I love the result, it came out much better than I thought it would! I'll certainly be doing this again! 

 Susan - What a fun challenge ! I have air brushed the card back and base plus all the die cuts with an old biro and a graph'it marker also coloured my image with my Graph'Its....

GI's used    skin 4125 ,4114 ,4145 ,4170 ,3210
                   Tails & hair 6110 ,6120 ,6140 ,6170 ,6180
                                        7210 ,7220 ,7240 ,7250 ,9505 .White & Silver Shake  Pens
                    Air brushing 7250 ,7220 ,6120
 Have Fun and don't forget to enter the challenge .More pics on my blog

Claire Boelema - Wow what a challenge! This nearly had me running for the hills but I'm glad I stuck around and gave it a go, it was really good fun! Like Claire C and Susan I used a biro shell as my straw (a standard straw doesn't create enough pressure to disperse the ink from the nib as I discovered after a few hearty puffing sessions!!) with my Graph'It Markers, an embossing folder and some handmade graffiti stencils to create a background. I've used the Pretty Tuff CD for the image which has been coloured with Graph'It Markers....

Airbrushing: 8150, 5245, 1180, 7155, 9909
Skin: 4115, 4155, 4135, 4170
Trousers/Hat: 9100, 9103, 9909
T-Shirt/Shoes: 5210, 5245, 9501

WOW!! DOn't these look fantastic!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE this technique it's sooo much fun!
Make sure you have a go - you can see that the guys really have had a ball with this creating backgrounds and effects.

We'd also just like to thank Mandy for joining us this month - it's been great having her with us as Guest Designer and we have loved your projects Mandy they are fantastic! xxx

Don't forget - you have until Friday 8th August to enter (noon GMT) and the RANDOM winner chosen will win some lovely Graph'It markers and goodies.  Simply follow the rules in the sidebar and remember you don't have to use Graph'It to enter.

We'll see you next week with some more inspiration and last time's challenge winner! 

Have fun airbrushing!
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  1. So does our image HAVE to include airbrush ? Or just the hot colors is fine ? Btw, what is a biro? I want to try...

    1. Hi Liz
      You don't need to airbrush, just hot colours is fine. However, if you get the chance try airbrushing it's really good fun! :D A biro is a pen which has a removable inner/nib. For the airbrushing technique you need to remove the inner and use the outer casing to create a straw. Hope this makes sense? Claire x

  2. I managed 2 with fire, pretty hot heh! Love the team examples, and I recently bought a little spritzer air brush thing which I think does fit my Graphit Markers. I haven't air brushed either card this time.

  3. I keep checking - who won the last challenge?


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